Epistea Worshops Series 2021

Epistea Workshops Series is a series of three workshops on epistemics, internal alignment, and group rationality.

Our workshops are inspired by the school of experiential education; which means that we will be exploring rationality through games, puzzles, and experiments as opposed to plane theory and classroom-style classes.

The workshops are designed to form a meaningful whole. We believe that the workshop series offers significant added value to the sum of its parts. Therefore, we strongly recommend coming to all three of them.

It is of course still possible to apply to any individual workshop of this series independently. Note that, because of limited capacity, our policy is to give priority to those applications who intend to participate in the entirety of the workshop series.

Workshop 1: Epistemics

The workshop’s goal is to improve the participant’s epistemics and enrich their epistemic toolbox. We will cover topics like (but not exclusive to) quantifying uncertainty; empiricism; insights and implications from dual processing theory; building models, their limits and how to effectively share them with others.

You can find more information and apply here.

Workshop 2: Internal alignment

In this workshop, we will focus on techniques to foster internal self-alignment and improve the interface between our mind’s different modes of processing. In particular, we will work with the Internal Communication Framework (ICF), a technique we first worked with at last summer’s Epistea Summer Experiment and have since developed further. 

Workshop 3: Group rationality

The program is focused on group rationality, or in other words: how we can have accurate beliefs and act in accordance with them not only as individuals but together with other people.

This is a distilled version of last summer’s Epistea Summer Experiment.

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