Epistea Team

We’re an interdisciplinary team, based mainly in Prague and Oxford. Together, we bring in diverse experience with research on rationality, game theory, collective decision making and education.

Jan Kulveit
Jan is research scholar at Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford, focusing on the behaviour and interactions of agents with limited rationality, and more generally on making AI aligned with humans. Previously he did research on phase transitions and complex systems, was a co-director of the Czech EA Association and founded one for-profit and two social businesses along the way. He obtained his PhD in physics from Charles University in Prague. Jan enjoys views from beautiful mountains, drinking tea, and open spaces.

Nora Ammann
Nora is a project manager for the Future of Humanity Institute’s Research Scholar Program (RSP) and previously a co-director at EA Geneva. She is interested in human cognition, collective decision-making and complexity science and excited about truth-seeking and continuous self-improvement.

Daniel Hnyk
Dan works remotely as an Engineering Manager of a data engineering team for a London-based startup. Enjoys (definitely not in this order) rationality, life hacking, philosophy, tech, CS, ML/AI, relationships, people skills, parenting, self-development. Dan also co-founded the Prague LessWrong group and Czech EA Association. He obtained his MSc from computer science at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering in Prague focusing on Bayesian variational methods.

Anna Gajdova
Anna studies Mathematics and AI at Charles University in Prague. She helps run various EA and rationality education events and programs and lately. She is interested in complex systems, AI safety and movement building. She is a bookworm and enjoys spending time in nature.

Tomáš Gavenčiak
Tomáš is a researcher in AI safety, algorithms and game theory. Previously he worked at the Department of applied mathematics, Charles University, Algorithms group at ETH Zurich and Google Zurich. He is an EA, rationalist, a curious guy who enjoys nature, good tea, board games, introspection and shared experiences. He used to organize experiential camps for talented high-schoolers, do various crafts and acro-yoga.

Epistemics Workshop Instructors and collaborators

Andis Draguns
Andis studies computer science and works as a researcher in machine learning and quantum computing. His interests include rationality, physics, philosophy, effective altruism, math olympiads and self-development. He enjoys late-night conversations and giving people challenging puzzles to solve.

Ashwin Acharya
Ashwin is a Research Scholar at the Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford. He’s interested in AI governance, macrostrategy, and improving coordination across actors and value systems. He enjoys making Fermi estimates, tabooing words, and using applied math concepts to understand new things. In his spare time, he reads fiction (too much) and writes poetry (too little).

Aleš Flídr
Aleš Flídr works as a research assistant to Dr Eric Drexler at the Future of Humanity Institute. Previously, he worked as a research assistant and writer at DeepMind, interned a number of times with the Centre for Effective Altruism and served as co-president of Harvard Effective Altruism. He is obsessed with using software tools to improve human thinking and action.

Jacob Lagerros
Jacob is a Research Scholar at the Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford. He is curious about ways of training rationality that have quick and concrete feedback loops with the real world, such as by solving murder mysteries, figuring out how physics works without using maths, or making and tracking predictions of the future. In theory, he also likes cute and cuddly animals, but is unfortunately allergic to lots of them.